In the media

The media have echoed the celebration of this event. We collect some of the headlines.

Forbes March

"The financial world is in Forinvest"

The country- 12 of March

"Goirrigolzarri in Forinvest ensures that confidence is recovering and the markets will recognize"

Expansion- 9 of March

"The Forinvest recovery starts Tuesday with Villar Mir and will Goirrigolzarri, and Elvira Rodríguez "

Bernardo Guzman to Cadena Ser. Hoy por Hoy.- 14 of March

"Today I lifted wanting to convey a moderate optimism about our economic situation; after hearing the good wishes of good experts, as yesterday Forinvest, the general director of Banco Santander or survey of economists Valencians "

The 1 TVE News

"Tax fraud is a black hole that must be eradicated. That's how strong were shown to members of the board that was held this morning at Forinvest to discuss the upcoming tax reform "

La Vanguardia- 20 February

"The seventh edition of the contest Forinvest strengthen the connection between the financial sector and the business world as a global exhibition of economy and finance of Spain"

"The presidents of OHL, Bankia and CNMV participate in the economic forum Forinvest "

A Coruña Journal- 14 of March

"The president of the CNMV; Elvira Rodríguez, at the close of Forivest, he asked quickly in open court proceedings to managers of financial institutions "

Diario Levante- 14 of March

"Former Obama advisor for entrepreneurs, Forinvest protagonist in the show "

Europa Press-March 12

"García Candelas, CEO of Banco Santander said that the 2014 It will be a year that will mark the beginning of a phase of expansion in Spain. Statements you made on a meal-lunch that brought together Forinvest 300 personalities "

Rankia with. 21 of March

“Richard Vaughan: the attitude is the key to success. Forinvest 2014”

Valencia Plaza-March 12

"Juan Nin one Forinvest: economic recovery is cold, tibia, light ... but it has begun "