Successful real estate FORINVEST day

The conference on the housing market organized by FORINVEST Gesvalt and sponsored by BNP Paribas Real Estate and celebrated last Wednesday ended with a resounding success, that filled the auditorium of the Valencia Stock Exchange and forced to have an adjoining room to accommodate everyone who wanted to listen to the panel of real estate professionals who gave their opinion on the current situation of the sector and challenges for the future.

It is attractive investment in real estate? What new actors have appeared on the market? Is it affecting the sale on line at the opening of local and shopping centers? These were some of the questions were answered by experts convened by Forinvest.

GESVALT, represented by Luis Martín, director of corporate development gave their vision and perspectives on the real estate market, Stressing "the tailwind that is driving investment in real estate assets", in addition to factors such as low interest rates, low prices of assets and post-crisis improvements in lending, increase in the number of mortgages granted, and the amount thereof.

In his opinion "it has increased the number of transactions free housing although the pace of new home sales remains well below the pre-crisis stage". He also stressed the home buying by foreigners being the English market despite the still leading Brexit purchases.

In the retail investment market remains strong, Local and shopping centers are the largest increase in assets have experienced operations. Improving consumption and tourism has clearly moved to the number of transactions in commercial.

Another issue of great interest at the conference addressed was the paradigm shift of new generations much more oriented to rent than buy: "he 80% under- 35 They not want or believe they can not buy a home ". further, se ha profesionalizado el mercado de alquiler con la entrada de Fondos de Inversión especializados en el mercado residencial de alquiler que mejoran la gestión, quality and adequacy of housing to the needs of tenants which avoids high turnover ratios and unemployment.

On the other hand, there has been a huge increase in the price of rents in the last year being Catalonia, Madrid and the Balearic Islands which still maintain higher prices. También han irrumpido en el sector también las SOCIMIS actualmente son 40 las socimis que cotizan en el mercado, esperando un fuerte crecimiento del número de Socimis que saltaran al parquet en el año 2018, some of them promoted by financial institutions such as Bankinter, Santander La Caixa.

Desde BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE, Joaquín Ivars highlighted new actors, And SOCIMIs funds have been those who have boosted demand. Spain remains the point of view of investors who see the domestic market as one of the most attractive to develop their investment plans. During the first three quarters of 2017 the total volume has reached invested 8.100 millions of euros, 600 million euros more than in the same period 2016. Also highlighting the retail sector as the true engine of activity.

Hernán San Pedro de LAR Spain, primera SOCIMI cotizada en el mercado español puso el punto de miro en la actividad de Centros Comerciales. Improvement and increased economic activity, consumption and improvement in the tourism sector have been a catalyst for improving the retail sector, yet it remains very important to evaluate those areas where special request that is still occurs unattended.

The sharp increase in online sales is a phenomenon that is here to stay but that in any case will coexist with the present model.

Ibercaja put the emphasis on grant financing to developers and builders. Clearly there has been a change in the criteria for granting credit looks more and better each project and requires the employer increased contribution of own resources and professionalization.

Bolsas y Mercados Españoles encouraged companies to benefit from the visibility and access to capital that is supposed to be "listed company" and a useful tool for the investor when channeling their assets to investment property. They are almost 50 SOCIMIs listed on the BME platform.

Deloitte said investor appetite by international Funds and Private Equity, willing to invest and inject capital into solvent projects.

Vicente Llácer of, ATTICA GROUP and the Association of Promoters and Developers of Valencia, He puts in value the local knowledge of the market and the enormous difficulties it has crossed the developer and construction activity over the last decade.

Without a reduction in the unemployment rate and wage increases access to housing even with land prices and tight construction it remains very difficult for most citizens. En este entorno el mercado de alquiler es el que está tomando el relevo casi exclusivo de la vivienda en propiedad convergiendo con otros países de nuestro entorno.